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Council District 8 Candidates Update

So far, two candidates are certified write in candidates for Council District 8: Tara Perry and Denise Woods.

ECSWANDC Members Thank you Brent, Juree and Tyron!

Thank you to Brent Page, Juree Rambo and Tyron Turner for their service on the board of the Empowerment Congress Southwest Area Neighborhood Development Council. Though all three have moved on to pursue other endeavors, their time on the board has been impactful, inspiring and appreciated. You will all be missed.

2020 In 2020 ECSWANDC Invites You To Roll Up Your Sleeves In A Committee

We have been diligently working on bringing a Farmers Market to our community in 2020 in an effort to improve access to healthy foods. We are excited about the possibilities for 2020 and we look forward to partnering with you on a committee, so let’s get it started!

three women meeting Join a Committee to Make a Difference

ECSWANDC is launching new committees and you are invited to join and be the change you want to see in our community.

SOLA at 87th Proposed Residential Developments in Manchester Square and Gramercy Park

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, the EC Southwest Area Neighborhood Council PLUM Committee welcomed developers Deep Green Housing and Community Development as well as Innovative Housing Opportunities to its September Community Meeting. Attendees expressed concern about limited parking and negative impact to nearby homeowner's privacy.

The Pointe On Vermont New Homeless Housing Breaks Ground at The Pointe On Vermont

25 permanent supporting housing units and 24 affordable units are underway at Vermont at 76th.